Our vision

KARE’s vision is to provide offices, schools and school children a compelling buying experience for all that they need to excel at work and play and be a partner to schools, a counsel to parents and a buddy to children.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a single stop shop that facilitates supply of all that offices, school and school students need and leverage technology to make the shopping experience simple, convenient and transparent to all stake holders and thereby be the supplier of choice for schools, parents and students.

Driven by a passion to make life simple and convenient for all our customers and consumers, we provide a wide assortment of products and services that guarantee quality and competitive prices backed by reliable on time – in full supplies and 360 degree customer care. All our customers get immense value through our merchandising team’s deep understanding of the categories that we operate in and the aggregated economy of scale price advantage that they get.

We believe that our biggest success is in seeing our customers entrusting us with their challenges and then confirming that they made the right choice. This is why our business is tailored around understanding their needs and providing them the best solution every time.

Value Proposition


  • Curated set of supplies and suppliers
  • One stop shop
  • Logistics outsourced


  • Competitive Prices
  • Lower transactional costs
  • Low inventory costs

Quality Assurance

  • Certified Vendors
  • Customer ratings