Our Business

KARE has two business verticals – one that services school & office management to simplify their educational & office supply needs through a B2B initiative and the second that provides convenient access for parents to buy their children’s school & play needs through a special vertical e-commerce store – www.studentkare.com.

Over the last two years, KARE has been successful in taking this concept to close to 100+ institutions & companies in Mumbai and Bangalore and servicing nearly 100,000 students. As India’s leading school & office supplies company, our portfolio includes uniforms, shoes, bags, textbooks, stationery, sportswear, sports equipment, monsoon wear, winter wear, furniture, smart classroom solutions, RFID solutions, security solutions, transport solutions, and much more.

Our customers include large school chains with national presence, group schools that operate in one city, standalone & individually owned pre-schools, large corporates, MSMEs/SMEs.

School Facilitation

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and India’s leading educational facilitation company, providing a one-stop solutions for all the school shopping needs of parents. Our objective is to make every parent’s life a bit easier, helping you to save money and time, Lessen efforts & reduce costs of school purchases!


Office Facilitation

We are India’s leading supplier of office needs, offering a one-stop shop for all regular and customized office supplies. Our goal is to meet the needs of office supplies for core products such as uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery, etc.


Public Sectors

In addition to school and office facilitation, we are also involved in the public sector, such as education, skills, health care and technology, Infrastructure.


E Commerce

We have a one stop solution for all educational and office needs, the e-commerce portal www.studentkare.com.